When it comes to the Malaysian Indian music industry, many names may rise, but the one name that changed phases was Daddy Shaq. Ever since the beginning, he introduced new styles and new genres of music in his compositions. He never liked sailing alone, and so he took singer/composer Dhilip Varman under his wings, and turned him into an accomplished talent.

A multi award winning singer and composer, Daddy Shaq has been active in the Indian music industry for the past 15 years. He founded and established Rogkwave SounX Production in 1999 that mainly operated a mixing and mastering studio. Besides setting new trends in the indian music industry Daddy Shaq has also introduced many young talents to raise the bar of the local indian music industry.

After a few albums, and a few awards as well (15 to be exact), in 2007, Sashi Rogkwave was re-introduced as Daddy Shaq in Rabbit Mac’s maiden album, “Provoked”, featuring in the hit song ‘Neathu Orethere Parthom’. The controversial nature of the song took many aback, but Daddy Shaq continued to produce greater songs, in Rabbit Mac’s second album, ‘Ma Carrotz’, in 2009. Being featured in hit songs like Neram 11:20am and Kambing Kaigalz, Daddy Shaq astounded many with his powerful vocals.

Together with Rabbit Mac, he founded PSYCHO.unit, which one of the most influential and powerful record labels in the Indian Music industry as of current times. Producing great albums like Sheezay’s Kambathu Rapper and Vikadakavi’s Vera Mari Bro to name a few, Daddy Shaq produced his solo project, titled ‘September 11′.